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At my practice, Dr. Meg Mattern Chiropractor, I offer my patients a complete care package for back pain relief in Marshfield, MA. By utilizing a combination of exercise physiology, strength and conditioning, therapeutic exercise, and my specialty chiropractic physician training, I have been providing clients with safe and effective back pain treatment for more than three decades. When you are suffering from intense or ongoing back pain, I am the place to turn for relief for the majority of musculoskeletal conditions.

Back pain can have many origins. Whether from sports injuries, auto accidents, employment-related physical pain, stress, or simply age, I work to provide pain relief through techniques, such as back adjustment and back pain decompression. The range of what a chiropractor can treat reaches beyond back pain to neck, shoulder, and lower back pain, as well as leg pain and Sciatica, hip, knee, and ankle pain.

Did you know that a chiropractor can even treat conditions like headaches, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and pregnancy-related pains and headaches? My patients generally visit my office for issues such as back pain and stiffness, disc injuries, and scoliosis. I use a combination of techniques to treat them, including cold laser therapy and trigger point therapy, spinal adjustments, spinal decompression, and the teaching of posture and proper body mechanics.

No matter what the cause of your back pain, the solution is simpler than you think: seek professional chiropractic care. To make an appointment with my private practice in Marshfield, MA, please contact me directly at Dr. Meg Mattern Chiropractor, and together we will work to form a personalized back pain plan and eliminate your suffering and frustration.

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