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As a leading local healthcare professional, I offer my patients the comprehensive care they require as a dedicated chiropractor in Marshfield, MA. My practice is Dr. Meg Mattern Chiropractor, and I am dedicated to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals. I combine skill and expertise that spans my 33 year career and encompasses a spectrum of techniques and methods in a personalized care regimen for each patient.

Throughout the years, I have achieved superior results as a chiropractic specialist, bringing you a better way of life and improved health by addressing the root cause of your problem through a medically based approach. Whenever possible, I work to achieve immediate relief, however, true chiropractic treatment not only heals, but it also works to prevent re-injury and reoccurring pain from returning. As such, my chiropractic clinic is the place where patients learn important exercises and methods to continue healing on their own.

What types of problems can I treat as a chiropractor? The most common reasons patients visit my office are neck pain and stiffness and back pain and stiffness, though I work with nearly all soft tissue musculoskeletal injuries. Extremity adjustment and treatments address shoulder pain, rotator cuff injuries, wrist pain and stiffness, carpal tunnel, golf and tennis elbow, knee pain, sprains and strains, and pain associated with pregnancy.

Signs and symptoms that you need a chiropractor might include numbness and tingling, pinched nerves, muscle spasms, and stress, brought on by sports injuries, auto injuries, personal injuries, or nutritional injuries. I treat my patients with advanced techniques, such as cold laser therapy and trigger point therapy, among others. Even if you have doubts about working with a chiropractor, if you are in pain I am here to help.

Let me show you just how effective my treatments can be. Contact my office today at Dr. Meg Mattern Chiropractor, and book your appointment in Marshfield, MA.

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